Dieting Right Update


So far the diet is going well.

Day one – This day sucked pretty bad.  I didn’t like any of the meals and I came really close to saying forget it!  Breakfast was a Green smoothie with was ok.  Lunch was a vegetable soup with Thyme and ginger.  It was a bit to herby and spicy for me, Thyme is strong and so is ginger.  Sadly I have to eat this soup for 3 meals in these 5 days.  Then for dinner I had a lemon and olive oil dressing over a salad.  This was just ok.  I was about to say forget it and binge in the pantry but I told myself I spent all this money on this stuff so I had better stick to it.  Btw this was expensive.  About $170 for all the ingredients for 5 days worth of meals.  I stuck it out mainly because of this.  Morning weight:225.9

Day two – This day was actually pretty good.  The morning smoothie tasted better.  The roasted vegetable salad I had for lunch was probably the best I have ever had!  It was amazing!  I even ate mushrooms in it and I really hate mushrooms.  For dinner it was garlic and ginger salmon with asparagus.  It wasn’t bad either.  This day was much better than Day one! Morning weight:224.9

Day three(Today) – This day will be tough like Day one I am afraid.  I had the same smoothie and I will be eating the same lunch.  I think I will just blend the soup up so that it is a liquid and just chug it.  Seriously I do not like this soup.  For dinner is another chicken salad but a different recipe.  I hope it is good because this is the meal I am looking forward to today.  Tomorrow I do have to cheat on this diet as I have a lunch date with my boss.  I will try to order something similar to what I was going to eat but when you have a lunch with your out of town boss you order something!  Morning weight 223.7

So far I like seeing the scale go down everyday but I am worried my weight can go up just as fast when this is finished.  I wish that the book included nutrition information on the recipes.  I have no idea what calories or macros I am taking in with out doing a ton of work to figure it out.  I am still undecided if I want to go forward with the next step of her meal plan after day 5.  I will decide that probably on day five haha.


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