Dieting for my personality type

So this day marks the first day of my 4 week diet.  I found my personality type in the book Diet Right For Your Personality by Jen Widerstrom.  It was dead on about my personality type and how I deal with things, but I am not sure this diet is actually right for me.  I will admit this now… I am a veggie hater.  I don’t like them and I don’t enjoy eating them.  There are a few like squash and zucchini and a salad now and then isn’t bad as long as there are leaves that I recognize in it.  This fist week is basically veggie salads and soups.  What have I signed up for?  I am going to try really hard for this to work but I am terrified.

I made a smoothie for breakfast and it has a wee bit of fruit and a whole lot of veggies.  I haven’t tried it yet because I have a monster glass of digestive tea I have to finish first.  Also, a tip for those who put “handful” in your recipes.  I have big hands.  They are not dainty what so ever so now I have to wonder if it is really a “handful” or if I should do half the size because my hand size is not the normal.  Really this recipe could be used by a man with bigger hands than me.  Just put what is in your hand in a measuring cup and give me that estimate, :o).

I see I am a tad not on the positive side of this.  Have I mentioned I also love coffee and this is no where in this diet.  I am sure my mood will improve.  It is hard to put on a happy face when the promise coffee and cream in the morning (which is basically what gets me motivated to get up in the mornings) is replaced with tea.  And not the wonderful flavored teas I have loved recently but flowery herbal hospital smelling teas.

This just in… I downed the smoothie and it wasn’t good but better than I expected.  Totally doable but not something I will ever crave, haha

Also, I weighed in… this time with clothes on because my scale is now in the kitchen.  I don’t need a little one waking up and walking in on that.  I remember how mortified I was accidentally walking in on an unclothed parent and I want to save my kids from that horror.  It is in the kitchen because it has decided it no longer wants to connect to the wifi in my bathroom.  So my work out shirt and pants on put me at 225.9.

I shall see how this diet goes.


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