Tuesday Weigh In

And my numbers are in, done, recorded for the week as the final number that represents my hard work for the week.  Well, I don’t take it that serious because I know I worked my ass off this week trying to some how get below 220.  Didn’t happen but it was a good goal. side note:(Also, weight goes up and down too much for me to rely on that as a representation of my hard work, silly to mention but it use to get me really down before I came to the realization that I just can’t use that as measurement)

Last Tuesday I weighed in at 223.6.  This Tuesday I weighed in at 221.7.  That is 1.9 pounds down this week.  I was a little disappointed because those 5 days I ran 4.5 miles should have paid off right?  But really 1.9 pounds is pretty good.  I was sent this picture… it is 1 pound of fat!  When I picture 1.9 of this nasty stuff no longer being on my body I feel pretty good.  Goodbye fat!  Maybe I will see 220 next week… until then, i’ll be out there trying like mad to melt away as much of this fat as I can!




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