Still at it and a weigh in

This may be the first time I have had a small break and returned without gaining weight!

Today’s official weight is…..225.2!  YAY!  I am pretty excited, and who isn’t for losing 15 pounds since January 2nd.  I am a little fearful because I found myself getting a tad bored with my routine which is scary because I am loving the results and really, really don’t want to end up off the wagon.  I won’t venture too far but I will change it a little.


I received my copy of Jen Widerstrom’s book “Diet Right for Your Personality”.  All I can say is wow.  The book is sort of repetitive at first but she provides a test that tells you which personality you fall under.  I was so sure I was one but ended up being another.  I was actually saying Pfft… well that was wrong!  I ended up reading the part for that personality and …. it was dead on ME!  It described me so well my eyes filled with tears.  It was a nice dose of reality and comfort though. She provides a 4 week plan with recipes and a grocery list.  Pretty easy right?

I am excited to try this all out.  I will post that journey on here.

In other news, I won my last diet bet!!!!!!  So excited.  They should finish up in a few days and let us know if we came out even or a little ahead.  I don’t expect it to be any more than what the other two provided but at least I lost some pounds doing this.  Every pound down I feel a little more like me 🙂



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