First 2 Dietbet results


My first two dietbet results are in.  I won them both!  The first one I received $6.11 over my bet amount for a total of $36.11.  The second one was a $20 bet and I received $5.11 over my initial bet for a total of $25.11.  Basically you participate in a diet bet in hopes to motivate yourself to hit your goals so you don’t lose your money.  I have $11.22 that I didn’t have before and I lost weight.  Those are definitely the pros, but when you hit a stopping point like for my next one it can be scary and cause yourself to do some unhealthy things in hopes to keep your money.  Good tips from one of the trainers.  The other dietbet was hosted by someone who wasn’t a big name or involved.  I would pick a host who you would benefit from and that it would be worth not worrying about losing your money.  That way you look at it as you are paying for support and tips.  Also, some hosts give away prizes if you are a lucky person.  I was not this round, haha.  If I do another diet bet it will be with a trainer host.  I know Jen Widerstrom has a dietbet coming up starting on the 14th of February.  I love her so I am definitely considering it!  Good luck if you try!




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