I haven’t put and updated picture of myself in a while.  I have to remember to do that more often.  This picture was taken at a New Years party.  I like to go back and watch myself transform in the pictures I post to this blog.  I have had setbacks but this is still my journey.  Each failure is a part of it and proof I am not perfect.  All the failing points wont matter in my journey as long as I never give up.

Dietbet….. so far my experience with diet bet has been positive.  Positive as long as things are going smoothly and the right way.  My first two dietbets were easy and I hit my 4% pretty easily.  The 3rd one I started later so I don’t have that initial weight drop at the beginning.  I have until this weekend to lose some and it is stressing me out.  So much that I am taking healthy habits and throwing them out the window.  Not that I am eating bad food… it is the opposite.  I am finding myself starving myself more.  I have been jogging and eating right and I am starting to freak out because the scale isn’t moving.  Is this really worth winning in the end?  I am having to take a few steps back and get myself in the right game.  I know that starving will just end in a bigger weight gain so I have to choose healthy or the dietbet.  It was great to kickstart my journey again but I am not sure I will do another dietbet.  Not if it means me willing to starve myself to win.  I will still let you know how much I win on the two I have one and if I end up winning the 3rd bet but I am not so sure I will be joining another.


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