Weigh Day


So I am a day short and I don’t really know how to post my results.  Official Wednesday weight was 228.4.  Then I get on the scale this morning (Thursday) and my weight is 226.2.  I won’t even begin to understand why weight changes so much each day.  I just have to remember it does.  It can go up 2 pounds for no reason just as well as it can go down two pounds.  I sure do like the 226.2 better though, hahaha.

I have joined 3 diet bets to kick of my weight loss.  So far I have hit my goal in two of them.  They end the 29th and the 30th.  The last one I am super close as long as my weight doesn’t jump back up.  I want to be well below it before weigh day comes.  I have until Feb 5th on that one.  I am working really hard to achieve my goals and well… not lose my money!  This has worked out pretty well for my personality.  I may have to join another so I don’t talk myself in to binging on the 6th.

I still have my birthday goal of being 200 by June.  That should keep me from going off the path.  Also, my family is getting together and going to a water park for vacation.  Ugh, swimsuits.  Yep I am going to try super hard to reach my goal for that one too.  I don’t want to be a bikini princess but I at least to want to draw attention for my weight.

I was actually laughed at waiting in line for a water slide a few years ago.  A group of 4 girl teenagers were behind me and one accidently swung her gesturing hand and hit my backside.  They laughed and then once they noticed me whispered their ugly comments.  I know they are just kids and I try to brush it off, but I don’t want “fat” “big” “large” to ever be a word that can be used to describe me.  Thus my journey continues.

Be well everyone, and be kind.


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