Getting back to jogging


I loved this meme because it is pretty much how I feel when I start jogging again.

When you haven’t jogged in forever it is so hard to get back to the point where it is somewhat comfortable.  Once again I find myself out of breath fast and have to walk a lot.  We have a part of the trail where it is like a dead end but it circles back around through some trees.  The circle is shaped a little bit like a peanut.  I used it as a mini track and jogged a lap then walked a lap, jog/walk/jog/walk.  This was so tiring and my legs felt the fatigue on my 3rd jog lap.  I pushed myself pretty good yesterday.  I know the more I push the more I will grow and my body will get use to it.  I need this, I know the pounds will melt away faster when I start jogging not to mention it being good for my heart too. :o)

I have a week left of my first dietbet.  I will be sure to post my results.  I have two other dietbets that will be ending shortly after this first one.  Weigh in Wednesday will come first and that will give me a pretty good idea as to if I think I am going to hit my 4% weight loss goals.

Oh and my legs are sore!  Feels good yet sucks at the same time, haha!




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