weigh day

230.1  This is where I am at.  It isn’t what I wanted to see but I know what I need to do to help this out.  I have slacked on my water intake for the past 4 days, which is really stupid because I actually enjoy my tea in my infuser bottle.  I am back on that today and already almost have the first 27 ounces down.

I can also step up my exercise.  It has been rainy and wet in Texas lately so I haven’t been on my usual walks.  If I do walk I don’t get out for my usual second go.  I think that second walk is the key.  Once my head clears of all the allergens in the air I want to start jogging.  I need to take care of myself better and be sure I am downing those allergy pills every day.

Now that I have goals to accomplish this week I hope to see some pounds gone

  1. Drink daily water
  2. Walk 2 times a day (these are about 2.5 mile walks)
  3. Take Allergy pills daily

These are definitely doable.

Until next weight day!

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