Emotional eating is my weakness


My internet is acting up.  By acting up I mean that some person decided to back up and obliterate the provider pole with their vehicle.  I have been with out internet for 3 weeks thanks to AT&T not having their stuff together in hiring contractors to fix it.  So I get to turn my phone into a hotspot just for internet access to my computer.  I am going to love the bill this month as I work from home and must have internet.

I came across the quote above and it definitely inspired me so I posted it in hopes it will inspire someone else.  The biggest part for me is ignoring the haters, doubters and unhealthy examples that feed me.  For me it is emotional.  When people pick on me or make remarks that put me down and make me feel less of a person I really need to find a way to let it roll off my shoulder.  I usually eat my way back to comfort.  That junk food high that makes me feel good for a little bit but fades as quickly as it comes needs to be a step that is eliminated.

I am forcing myself to change the way I deal with things.  It is not easy to change a habit especially one that comes so easily and naturally.

If anyone has tips on what they do to avoid an emotional eating binge let me know.  I need lots of ways to avoid this catastrophe.  I avoid buying junk and leaving it in the house, but when I have to go through a drive through for my kids I find myself ordering a little feel good treat for myself.  I went to the store to pick up a prescription and added a chocolate almond bar.  When I am in these funk moods maybe I should lock myself in the house like a man about to turn into a werewolf.

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