quoteI really have to remind myself of the health benefits to my weight loss.  I have moments where it is super hard.  I have moments where I slip up.  I just give myself a speech and next I am eating something bad.  I have slipped up twice now since I have started back.  I don’t want to dwell on those too much but rather pick myself up and dust it off.  I am worth another try.  Even with my two failures I have successfully said no to that voice in my head wanting to eat badly more times than I can count.  Each time I say no it is getting a little easier to say no.

I have an official goal now.  I want to be 200 lbs before my birthday.  That means I have to lose about 30 pounds before June.  Ok, so secretly I want to be 199 just so that 2 will go away but we shall see how it goes.  I am changing my life and changing how I do things.  My dishes have piled up a bit but that is GOOD!  It means I am eating my meals at home rather than choosing fast food!  I have to run my dishwasher every other day rather than once a week!

This isn’t easy but I know I am capable.  I hope all who are on a journey of their own finds the strength they need to keep on track.  Remember this is worth it, we are worth it!

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