Daily Water Intake

You see it on sites everywhere.  Every diet recommends it.  Drink water!  I was so horrible at this.  I am just NOT a water drinker.  It is boring and I only drink it if I was out jogging and my mouth is dry.  I tried flavoring it but what exactly am I putting in my water.  Some of the flavorings have dyes that turn certain things odd colors.  If you have drank a lot of the purple or blue dye you know what I am talking about.  I just kept thinking this can’t be the only way for me to drink more water.

I have seen them around but I never tried one until now.  A fruit infuser water bottle.  This has changed my life!  It has been a week and I have hit my water goal and more so every day.  What is crazy is I am still not bored of it!!  I put fruit in it and it was good.  Cucumber is also good, but I put tea bags in it and WOW!  It takes a bit to get the flavor in good, maybe 10 minutes but it favors up my whole drink.  I have vanilla tea and it is almost like a dessert in my water.  My kids bug me constantly for some of my water because they like it too.  There are all kinds of flavored teas that you can put in to flavor your water.  Coconut tea, blueberry tea, holiday blend.  I get most of my tea through Republic of Tea.  They have tons of choices.  Also, I use one that I found at Wal-Mart and Target.  It comes in a tin with an HT on it.  Harney and Son’s fine tea I believe it is called.  That is where I found my blueberry and vanilla flavorings that I love so much.

My weight loss is going very well!  It isn’t a weigh in Wednesday but this morning the scale I weighed in at 230.8!  Exactly 10 pounds in a week!  Last Monday I weighed myself at 240.8.  Drinking a lot of water has also helped me feel a little full to avoid unnecessary snacking and eat the correct portions of my food.  I highly recommend these fusers as a weight lose helper.

There are tons and tons of infusers out there.  They can get expensive too but I found this one.  I absolutely love it and it comes in a lot of colors.  I have successfully had no soda the whole week!



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