Weight loss helpers

I am in no way paid to promote the optigrill but I just have to brag on it because I love it!

I purchased one of these on a whim when it went on sale on amazon.  This has turned out to be one of the best things I have owned.  It is like the George Forman grill but better.  It is bigger, easy to clean, it tells you when your food is done  (which is PERFECT every time), and the plates are removable and dishwasher safe!

I mention this because one of my biggest excuses in weight loss is that cooking healthy took too long.  Not anymore,  I can season 4 chicken breast and have them done by the time I heat up my veggies in the microwave and put them on the plate.  It is easy too.  If I want to make chicken I hit the chicken button and hit ok, it then preheats and will beep once it is ready for you to put the chicken on.  After you put the chicken on it will beep and you take it off and it is ready and perfect to eat!  I have done this with fish, steak, chicken, turkey burgers, and turkey dogs.  All come out perfect!  Meal prep time is cut in half!  I have no excuse not to make something healthy for myself.

I was preparing a meal for my family and I had to eat fish.  Since my family doesn’t like fish I made them something else.  This is when I would use my excuse that it would be double time in the kitchen to make myself something different.  My fish were done way before what I was preparing on the stove.  I love this thing to pieces!  I just ordered some flavorgod seasoning to change up the flavor of my chicken so it doesn’t get boring.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Here is the amazon link if you want to check it out.  I think I paid a little below 100 for mine on sale.


I also like the Instant Pot, but I won’t totally rave about it since I don’t use it too much.  I haven’t found a whole lot of recipes out there that are healthy but I do love it to cook all my boiled eggs perfectly in 8 minutes and a whole chicken in about 45.

What are some must have items you have that help you on your weight loss journey?  I would love to hear them!optigrill

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