Here I Go…. Again

I’ll admit it, I gave up.  It felt good to start eating what ever I wanted and not count calories…. or so I thought it felt good.  Eating bad eventually led to me not feeling good both  mentally and physically.  I got depressed and ate even more junk.  I was deep in a funk and once again feeling sorry for myself.  I felt myself getting fat again but I refused to get on the scale to see the damage.

I woke up with a hurt back and my feet starting to hurt again with my plantar’s issue and I knew this had to stop.  I am going back to a world of emotional pain and physical pain and I don’t want to be there.  I don’t want to shop in plus sized stores.  All the past feelings came flooding back.  I follow a trainer on facebook and found a program to give me a little motivation.  Dietbet is the name.  How it works is you put money into a pot (about 20-35 dollars depending on which game you join)  If you lose 4% in 4 weeks you get to split the pot with all of those who achieved their goal.  If you don’t lose the 4% you lose your money.  You are not guaranteed to make money because if everyone hits their goal you come out even, BUT there is a chance you could.  I for one do not want to lose my money so I find it a great motivation to go for it.  Here is one that I have joined  It has already started but the cut of is still a few days away.

Another I have joined starts January 9th.  The last day to sign up is the 14th and the link is here:

Feel free to join in yourself!  In doing this I had to take a picture of myself on the scale and then a picture of what the scale reads with my password in the picture.  I was horrified at my weight.  240.4!!!!  I knew I was getting bad but not that bad.  Screw that number.  It won’t be getting any higher than that.  I am back and fully motivated.  I want to feel good again.  I really felt my best mentally and physically when I ate right and exercised.  I miss that feeling and I want it back.  To those who are also getting back in to things good luck!




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