slow/longer time VS fast/shorter time

I was feeling it so I jogged again yesterday.  I went on the same course which is 4.41 miles and I jogged more.  I shed about 10 minutes off of my time.  I am not sure how the fitbit app calculates calories burned but it shows I burned less yesterday than the day before….

Which is really better….a slow pace for a longer time or push yourself harder and complete it in a faster time?  I guess in the end it was only a difference of about 100 calories but it is enough to make me wonder about slow/longer vs fast/shorter workouts.

Don’t worry I charged my phone in time so it didn’t die :o)

I peeked on the scale this morning and liked the number I saw.  I got to keep this up so that number will stick!  Also, on another note I get to go see my puppy on Saturday.  I still don’t know which one will be mine but maybe I can determine a first and second choice.  I am so excited.  I hope she likes to jog.

AND ANOTHER THING…..  I am looking at shoes for my mud run.  Is there a shoe any of you ladies that have ran one of these can recommend?  Or do you just wrap your foot up so that your shoe doesn’t come off in the mud.  Please, let me know.



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