Weigh day Tuesday


I am getting frustrated again.  I am sure it is something I am not doing right.  I was doing great during the week and then this weekend I ate home made Runzas at my mom’s house.  Is this one day of eating bad really canceling out all the hard work I have put in during the week?  I got a little down and have had two diet sodas this week.  I slapped myself out of it again and am once again in beast mode.  227.8 is the number this week.  I am really beginning to hate being stuck in these numbers.  How do I not starve myself to get out of them?  I will be out there running again, after all it isn’t about just losing weight now as I don’t want to be unconditioned for my mud run.  I am going to try something new with my meals and see if I can see some results.  Only next week can tell.  Until then :o)

5 thoughts on “Weigh day Tuesday

  1. I think one of my problems is that I forget I’m smaller. In my head, I remember the calories and exercise that I did to lose weight. I keep forgetting that once smaller, you have to eat less and work harder to lose the same amount of weight as when heavier. Sometimes, this feels like punishment for being healthier!


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