“Tuesday” weigh in

Well the holiday sort of threw me off.  I am a day past weigh day.  I weigh pretty much every day so it is still recorded.

I weighed in last Tuesday at 225.7.  This Tuesday I weighed in at 227.0.  WHAT!!  I have no idea what happened because I have been trying super hard.  Get this… today I weighed in at 225.7.  I guess my scale was teaching me to be ok with a no lose rather than almost a 2 pound gain.  I am still going forth.  I am still going out and jogging.  I did need some pick me up songs to get me going because it is hard not to be down from a no lose when you have worked so hard.

My guilty pleasure are hip hop work out booty songs.  I don’t really listen to all of that normally but when I am jogging the beat is right and when they are singing about booties and bodies looking good it reminds me that I am bettering myself.  What ever works right? hahaha.

Puppy news.  I know there are lots of controversy of whether or not this is a legit breed but I don’t care.  I have decided to get a mini aussie and I get to choose between these two little girls.

I wanted something small so my girls wouldn’t be dragged around when walking the dog on a leash.  I get to take her home in March.  I am going to enjoy having a new jogging partner. :o)

4 thoughts on ““Tuesday” weigh in

    1. Both would be a little much for me, haha. I haven’t picked yet. There is one person before me and really she can pick any one of 3. I love #1 but I can only wait for the first person to pick. I am so happy to hear from you. You are one of the strong motivators for me!


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