Sugar Addiction


I think I am coming to realize that I am a sugar addict.  I am still going back and forth if this is real, because it seems so stupid to me, but my body is telling me that it is real.

I decided to give up sugary thing .(I can’t rule it out completely because it is in almost everything)  I have taken unnecessary sugary things away.  I not longer have sugary cereal or put splenda in my coffee.  I don’t drink juice or sodas.  I thought it would be easy because my mind was made up.  There was a point where I wanted to cry because I wanted something sugary so bad.  I have had two dreams now where I spent the whole night gorging.  The first time I was just eating a bag of sugar.  Eating and eating it.  On another night it was me sitting and eating those chocolate cupcakes with the white squiggle frosting on top.  That is all I did during the whole dream.  I think I have issues letting go of sugar.  It is better now but those cravings of stupid junk sweets still pulls at me.

I have to tell myself all the time that I have made my mind up not to eat that junk.  For those of you going through the same thing, be strong.  We can resist.  We know what will happen if we give in.  We will have a few hours worth of enjoyment and then regret will set in and we will be disappointed in ourselves.  Those things are not worth that.  Sometimes I take big steps towards my goal and other times I drag my feet but I am staying on that road this time.  There are no easier roads or short cuts to lead where I want to be.  I know what I have to do to reach my goal and I got this.  I have to remember this is worth fighting for.

3 thoughts on “Sugar Addiction

  1. Congrats!! You can and will do it!! As far as being addicted to sugar, yes it is a real thing. Anytime you get in a habit of eating or doing something and t starts to consume you…you are addicted. Does it qualify to be as bad as some of the other addictions out there…some people will say it doesn’t. But if you feel it controls you, you take that control back and become better. Good luck!!

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