Weigh Day

I jumped on the scale this morning and weighed in at 225.8.  As I say that number I put my hands to my mouth and breath out so that it sounds like a crowd going wild, haha.

I have lost 3.4 pounds since last Tuesday.  5.9 more pounds and it is good bye 220’s.  Instead of a crowd go wild move I will probably throw my left hand up and do the lasso move while my legs do a cowboy dance.  You probably know the move :o).

Other good news is that I got my shirt in!!  YAY!!!  I was going to wear it in my run yester day but I sneezed and turned wrong and something sent pain blaring right at my neck like I got a kink in it.  I took some pain meds so I could attempt a run but then by the time it felt better something happened in the digestive region..  Not sure what was up with that but it was uncomfortable just to walk.  This morning I am feeling grand so I may put my run in early before anything comes up!



Totally off topic I know, but another incentive to weight loss is that if I am on track by June my husband has agreed to let me have another dog.  I have a wonderful 9 year old lab and well she is getting older and the kids are so rough with her.  I want a pup that can keep up with the kids.  I have been looking in to mini aussies.  I have read mixed reviews on them but most of what I have looked at claim they are great with kids.  Anyone have personal experience with this breed?  I love the size especially after lugging my big lab up on a bathing stand.

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