Training for Dirty Girl Mud Run


I am beginning to get a little excited about my training for the Dirty Girl Mud Run.  My sister and I formed our team called The Mud Pies so I ordered us some customized shirts for the event.  I am going to wear this on my runs for inspiration.  Plus, after the mud run I am sure it will be too stained up to wear again, haha.  I also love what my training is doing scale wise.  I started my official training on Monday.  I am already down to 226.7 pounds!  I am looking forward to my official weigh in day on Tuesday.

Being sore has slowed me down a little but I think I am still doing pretty good.  I jogged 2 minutes and then walked 2 minutes for a duration of 30 minutes.  There was one when I walked 2 minutes and 30 seconds to fully catch my breath but other than that it was two walk, two jog. :o)  This is feeling good.


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