I’m Back!

I am back.  I have a lot of blogs to read and catch up on that I follow.  I can’t wait to see how everyone is!  I hope everyone’s Christmas and New Year’s was good to them.

I have a few confessions… I haven’t done my jillian dvd since a few days after my last post. :o(

BUT!… I have kept up my walking/jogging.  So here is a good running meme that made me chuckle.running

I was slacking on my jogging/walking due to the cold so I went to the sports store and purchases some super warm running gear.  I tested my outfit out yesterday and it was wonderful.  I actually went the full 4 miles alternating walking and jogging.  I got to the near end and I totally wiped out.  My foot landed wrong and my foot went sideways and down I went.  My new pants have a scrape right on the knee.  My ankle hurt pretty bad and I was super worried I injured it but it was fine after a bit.  A few body parts are stiff today but I guess that is to be expected.  Falling sure hurts when you are older.  As soon as my injuries no longer hurt I am getting back to my dvd.  I weighed in at 227.4 today so that isn’t bad considering I came off of the holidays at 230.  It will be nice to say goodbye to these 20’s.  I have been hovering around them too long.  I am getting super serious about my weight.  I have quit consuming artificial sweeteners which means no splenda in my coffee, and no diet sodas.  And I am not allowing myself to eat sweets.  I won’t rule them out completely but I have to have control first.

This is the sad part…. I was having mega withdraws from sugar yesterday.  I couldn’t believe it.  I wanted it so bad I wanted to cry.  I guess sugar is my drug.  It was eye opening for me and I know that stuff is pretty bad if it has that effect on me.  Why oh why can’t I be addicted to exercise like that!


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