Grrr week


Not to go in to too much detail of my monthly Aunt flo visit, but I need to a little.  I have been almost a week late with horrible cramping.  I did the 30 day shred a few times but it made it worse.  I guess my lady parts don’t like the ab work out.  The pain was pretty bad so I have been taking it easy.  I hate that I am.  I am still walking as much as I can but my cramping keeps coming on strong.  I usually don’t cramp this much.  Figures that I would when I am doing good.

I finally started today so I hope I can get to my normal routine soon.  Still crampy but I took my walk today.

I weighed in on Tuesday at 228.  What the crap!  Maybe it has to do with aunt flo still, I don’t know.  It seemed to jump right up there and I have still being eating really good.  I am trying not to let it get me down.  I haven’t given up and I know I will be exercising as soon as I can.  For now I am hanging in there.


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