Keep on keeping on


So….. I have played my dvd 4 times.  I have passed the 3 times where I stopped last time.  Yay! :o)  Even though it is about day 7, hehe.  I know when my body needs to heal a little before I over do it so I have been going every other day.  I feel myself getting stronger though and I do believe I will be able to do the video every day soon.  There are some times though where I am just being lazy and don’t want to do it.  That is where this quote comes in.  I have to make myself get up and do something if I am going to get the results I want.  What I want is to get fit, get healthy, and never be embarrassed by my weight.

When I first decided to be on my journey I had several pushes.  The major one being my daughter who was 7 at the time.  We were watching the biggest loser and it was an episode where they basically tell everyone they are dying because they are fat.  My daughter got really worried and told me “Mommy, you are fat too.  I don’t want you to die.  You need to exercise and if you want I will exercise with you.”  That was the big boost that started my journey.  Another major one was the time I went to six flags and I was getting on the Texas Giant roller coaster.  I had to extend the seat belt all the way to the max and it almost didn’t fit.  I was so close to someone telling me I couldn’t fit and couldn’t ride the ride.  I rode the Texas Giant after my 30 pound loss and I fit a lot better.  I still had to extend it after a skinny kid but I had 6 inches of belt left.  That made me so happy!

I always have to remind myself why I am doing this on those days where I want to give up.  I have to constantly motivate myself and remind myself to stay focused.  What are some things that motivate you?  I am always looking for new ways to stay motivated.

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