Weigh day


I loved this quote so I thought I would use it on my weigh in day today.  I already regret not being a healthy and fit in my 20’s and I don’t want my 30’s to be the same.  I am already two years in so I have some work to do.

Today is my weigh in day.  It is the day I decided to get back on track so I figured it is as good of day as any.

Alright her are the results…..Last Tuesday I weighed in at 229.3 and THIS Tuesday I weigh….226.7!

My goal at this week was to be at 227.  I am feeling pretty good.

I did my day 6/3rd time Jillian work out yesterday.  That video is still kicking my butt!  I can at least walk today and lower my self slowly on the toilet.  When I am sore I sort of lose the slow lowering and do an ungraceful plop down :o(  Seriously, the first half of this DVD is squats!  As of now I should be able to do the video today.  How exciting!, my first day doing the DVD back to back!  Hahaha.  It really is the little things.



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