Emotional Roller Coaster


I have been down a lot lately.  Not only that, I am letting it affect my weight loss journey.  I do really great some days and really bad the next.  If you don’t want details then skip to the next paragraph and just know I am going through emotional times.

It may help to get out a little of it in writing.  My sister was about to get married.  I didn’t particularly care for her fiancé’ because he brags and is a liar but I managed to be nice around him.  He is the type that knows everything about everything and has a story to match your story and how he did it better.  Know the type?  Anyways, my older sister called him Pinocchio and he thought it was me.  He sent me a VERY ugly bunch of texts calling me a fat ass and a horrible bitch.  He then went on to say he will make my life hell and he will be in my face at every family function.  He then said he can’t wait for my daughter’s birthday at the zoo so he can confront me and tell me what a bitch I am.  He said he was happy when my daughter got really sick with diarrhea and vomiting because that was karma to me.  He further threatened my kids and said he was going to tell my husband how much of a bitch i am.  This idiot further texted my husband telling him to divorce me and that I want to divorce him.  He told my husband I was evil and he is just a pawn to my evil plan…(I am still trying to figure out what this plan is)..  Anyhow, the jerk really showed his true colors.  I sent all of his texts to my sister telling her this was very uncalled for and I didn’t know what was going on but he was uninvited to my daughter’s birthday and I would not be anywhere he is in the future.  My sister talked to me and told me he didn’t mean he was going to ruin my daughter’s birthday but that we should put it all behind us and have fun.  Ummm, that is totally not what he meant and I sent that part of the text to her again asking how in the world she could believe he meant it that way.  Well, the sis went off that weekend and married him and hasn’t said anything much to me for two weeks.  This has been killing me because we are best friend sisters that talk every single day sometimes 2-3 times a day.  My sister has the reception planned for this weekend which I was going to until her man sent that text.  I do not want to be near a man like that nor do I want him anywhere near my family.  My sister does not understand why I won’t go to her reception.  This man has not even contacted me in any way to apologize.  She is so upset at me that she told me she didn’t want me to go to six flags with her that we planned in November and that she won’t be doing anything with me anymore.  I feel like I have lost my best friend, my closest sister.  My heart is broken and I am finding it hard to care about things such as weight loss or exercising.

I read a blog post that was really what I needed to hear.  She talked about how a friend told her life throws stuff at you and you can’t give up all of your hard work.  I need to work all this emotional stuff through while working on myself as well.  I can’t give up my eating habits and exercise through this.  I have to remain strong.  I am curious how others work through emotional things life throws at them.  If you have a situation like this let me know what helps you deal with it and still keep your health on track.

Oh, and I was at my youngest sisters house and sliced the bottom of my foot on a nail.  Ouch!  I am having trouble walking and it is hurting my walk time. 😦  I hope it heals fast because I need my walks right now.

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