All or Nothing


I had a discussion with someone about my blog here.  Why do I post the negative sides of my weight loss.  The success posts have more likes.

Well…. for one I am not writing this blog for popularity.  I am here to write about my journey and find others along the way who are going through the same thing.  I want to share ideas that work and things that didn’t work.  I also want feedback from others about what works for them as well.

Most importantly…. I WILL ACHIEVE MY GOAL.  Once I do there is the inevitable “how did you do it” questions.  I can send them here.  I don’t want it to be perfect.  I want to show it is a true struggle.  I think when people believe it is easy they are more likely to give up their journey.  That isn’t what I want.  I want people to see how many times I have failed.  I am human and I am battling to become more fit.  You can fail 100 times and still reach your goal.  Never ever give up on yourself.  This person questioning me also made me realize I may not be posting all of my disaster moments.  I only have a few posts where I have negative results.  That being said I will post about my down times as much as my ups.

The down side this week was I ate out of control this weekend.  My parents were wanting me to try this food and that food and I did.  I knew I was going over and the scale Monday said I was back up to 230.  Yep, that about ruined my Monday.  But after that I walked every day and made sure I logged every crumb that made it past my lips.  Today the scale settled back down to 225.6.  I know I can do this and I know I have been going easy on myself.  Seems like when i start to do well I feel like I can stop logging food and skip an exercise here and there.  I can’t do that anymore if I ever want to reach my goal.  I am back in boot camp.  Logging food every day and exercising.  Calorie in and Calorie out!

3 thoughts on “All or Nothing

  1. Go for it… I know the feeling. It is so easy to let it go just for one day or 2 days…etc. I have slacked off of my exercising the last week and the scale showed it too. You can do it and will!!


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