Stumbled but not Crumbled

I just don’t understand how I can work so hard to lose 5 pounds and then gain it all in a weekend.  I am really trying not to let it all get me down.  I actually saw the number 230 again.  Man, that is really an ugly number for me.  I was good all weekend and now I am back to 227.  Still not 225 though.  I wish I could lose it as fast as I gain it.  I have stumbled but I will not let myself crumble.  I am up and dusting my pants off after my fall.

Anyway on a positive note…. my job is allowing me to work from home 3 days a week so that means I will be able to get in more walks.  I am very much looking forward to this especially as I am saying goodbye to summer.  I know we still have some hot days in the forecast but at least the countdown is close to being done!  I walked in 97 degree weather and thought I would die.  I had my camel back in and drained my water about 3/4 of the way through my 3.5 mile walk.

I like to put pictures with my blogs but I don’t really have one today.  So… here is my pup.  She is a 9 year old pup and can’t go the distance on my walks anymore but I try to get a 15min morning one in with her.  She is still pretty good at tugging the rope though and it is a nice little work out for my arms. :o)


I hope everyone is doing well with their journeys.  Best wishes to ya!

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