Morning Shake


Today I decided to shake up my usual morning shake.  I just purchased this chocolate Raw Meal protein powder for my morning meal.  I really don’t care for this one but since it was costly I am eating every bit of it.  Luckily I am almost done with it as it is pretty gritty.  I put a frozen banana in it each morning and that helped.  (i use a nutria bullet to blend my shakes extra nice) For extra taste help, I put in powdered peanut butter and that was awesome.  Well, I ran our of powdered peanut butter and didn’t want to choke down this shake with out it.  I saw an instant coffee packet and thought it couldn’t hurt.  Wow, it turned it in to something amazing.  I had no problem gulping it down this morning.  I picked cashew milk rather than water because I find it blends better and tastes better.  Unsweetened cashew milk has only 25 calories per cup too!  I am always looking to try different morning meals. Any ideas are welcome!

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