Armpit Honesty


All of the sudden my armpits STINK!  I am curious if I am the only one with this issue. Maybe it is because I am more active?  This has happened all of the sudden.  I am sitting there thinking something smells off… what the heck… then I lift my arm and WOW, what the crap!?  I bathe DAILY, and wear deodorant!  Seems like mid day the deodorant wears off and I smell not so nice.  Am I doomed to take showers 3 times a day?  I went to the store and bought one of those clinical strength ones.  Hopefully this helps.  I can’t stand having any kind of odor so I hope it works!  3 hours in and it is still holding strong.  I hope this is a phase and my body adjusts back to non stinky pits.

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