Weekend Success


This is my weight this morning.  I am so happy.  I am now past the point of where I was when I got pregnant with my 2nd baby.  YAY!

Over the weekend I had a fitbit challenge with my hubby and 3 of his friends.  I was immediately ruled “not valid competition”.  This was probably stupid but I walked my butt off.  So much I couldn’t move and had to take a 4 hour nap.  I walked the trail at Waxahachie twice!  Once on Saturday and once on Sunday.  Both times super early in the morning.  When you are the first on a trail you notice a bunch of big horrifying spiders that make their webs right over the trail and you don’t see them until they are a foot in front of your face.  And of course the 8 legged monsters are sitting right in the middle!  This was very creepy and caused me a few nightmares.  Luckily there were some early bird bike riders that zoomed past me and cleared the path.  I am not even sure they realized the spiders were there.  Anyhow, I showed them I could be fierce competition and I won the challenge!


Anyhow here is my Waxahachie trail picture.  I still take one every time I am there although I only took one this time on the first day.  I figured the 2nd day was too soon for another picture. :o)


I hope everyone is doing well on their own journeys!  Never ever give up!

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