More motivation

The Carnival Freedom is docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 19, 2014. The 952-foot-long liner accommodates more than 3,000 guests and cruises from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to the Caribbean through January 2015 and then is to be repositioned to Galveston, Texas, for cruises to ports in the western Caribbean, Bahamas and Key West. (Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines)

Well I now have more motivation to lose weight.  Next year in May my husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  We wanted so bad to go to Hawaii but at the same time we wanted to enjoy our vacation and not be sick at how much money we spent.  We decided on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.  I have looked at the excursions and have seen all the fit people in bikinis, eek!  I know my body won’t be as beautiful but I do not want to board this ship if I am still over 200 pounds!  I have 9 months to try and transform as much as I can.

Naturally I was all gung ho about lifting weights yesterday and today I jogged at a faster pace.  I am pretty sore today.  My only down fall this week was that our company had an ice cream social… which I did eat some ice cream!!  Our company doesn’t do things that often.  I did have a small portion and I have not touched any of the huge quantity of left overs in the freezer today. Go me!

I have had a dress hanging in my closet of the size that I want to be.  It has been in there for about 5 years!  I think it would be really cool if I wore that dress to the dress up night on the cruise ship.  I know my goal is obtainable, I just can’t let myself slack too much.  It may be a good idea to go ahead and sign myself up for a 5k. :o)

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