I still love these hippierunner bands!  They are stretchy and stay on my head good.  I did have to sew mine a little as I do have a small head but it was super easy to do.  Just turn inside out and sew a straight line!  I have been using them during my work out and have some that I use for everyday.  Here is the website if you want some for yourselfs.  I believe promo code buy2 will let you buy 2 and get one free.


I was a big sluggish this weekend.  I tried to balance it by eating less.  The scale number stayed the same.  I will be back on track today as I am going to the gym.  It will feel good to lift some weights.  I was able to move up in weights on my bench press.  I can now press 60 pounds.  I don’t know if that is good or bad but I started off only being able to lift the 45lb bar!  Even though my scale isn’t showing improvement I see the improvement in the gym.

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