Over the Weekend

My back felt better Saturday thankfully so I got some walking in.  They hubby and I went up to the track to knock out my step goal for the day.  This Texas heat really gets to you so I was super sweaty.  I HATE to sweat.  Not for the girly reason of eww it is yucky…. well maybe.  I just don’t like the feeling of it.  I don’t like to feel it running down my head and down my neck or it getting in my eyes.  Just like I don’t like the feeling of my husbands fan on me at night.  It makes my little hairs tickle my face and it drives me nuts!  Anyhow, I bought myself a present to help make it a little more tolerable.  A sweat band, and with the lovely words… “I don’t sweat, I sparkle”.  LOVE IT!  This has done a lovely job of keeping it out of my eyes.  I do still feel it running everywhere but I can deal with it.  It just means I am doing a good job working out right?headband

Now on to the good news.  I just got in to a size 18 3 weeks ago and they are already baggy.  I am thinking I just stretched them out and no way could I be a smaller size.  Once again that scale isn’t moving along.  The hubby and I had nothing better to do so we went shopping.  I picked up a size 16 pair of jeans.  All the way to the dressing room I told myself I am not going to cry or be sad if they don’t fit.  This is just to see.  With my heart racing I took off my 18’s and started slipping on the size 16.  I got in to them fine but now the final test…. Do they button?  Well, THEY BUTTONED!!!!  I had to keep from screaming in the dressing room as I buttoned them WITH EASE!!  I just thought, OMG I am walking out of here in a smaller size!!!!  The jeans were buy one get one half off so with a big freaking smile on my face went to find another pair.  I haven’t been a size 16 in a long time.  I started my journey at a size 22 so I am beyond thrilled at how far I have come.  This is some big motivation for working out this week.  I am well on my way from getting out of the plus size section!

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