A few of my favorite things

Sometimes I have the munchies.  The munchies are annoying.  The munchie creatures appear with their mocking little faces and talk you in to eating things you shouldn’t and try telling me my body craves junk.  The munchies are EVIL.  I am pretty good at fighting them but sometimes it is hard.  The munchie zone is a dangerous area and I would binge and lose hope a lot.  I would be at the store and suddenly the munchies make me promise myself if I buy a bag of Twinkies or oatmeal cream patties I would only eat just one.  Then, two hours later I am eating two and then I get depressed at myself and devour the whole box and promise to start over the next day.  I know at this point those munchies are laughing at my defeat.  I still get those munchies but I am teaching myself better ways to stop it or control them.  There are good snacks with loads more value to your body.  Between meals or after a hard work out I love to reach for a quest bar.  I eat these for the protein but a benefit is that they hold back the munchies from even showing their begging little faces!  These are flavored after all of my favorite desserts but without the empty calories and without the pity party after eating them.  Each bar has about 20G of protein.  Perfect to help my muscles grow and recover from working out.  They are about 170 calories a bar and have very little sugar.  I love to see my macros on myfitnesspal after eating one of these.  They actually help me balance them out.  I have not had one that I didn’t like.  I have had some taste better than others but I have liked them all.  My favorites are cookies and cream, chocolate brownie, banana nut muffin, and mixed berry bliss.  I feel full after and the munchies don’t even appear.


That being said I was also a big time chip person.  I could go through a whole bag.  Something about the salty goodness and the satisfying crunch to cause me to constantly crave them.  UGH!  Chips are so bad.  I have looked and there just aren’t any that are ok.  I was sent a sample of these in my urthbox.  These are what I have been looking for.  Chips with protein.  They are made from egg whites.  They are good and crunchy!  I wouldn’t trust myself with a whole bag but luckily they come in personal size bags for portion control.  Each bag is 130 calories and 6 grams of protein.  I haven’t had a binge in a long time and I give thanks to that for products that are a smarter choice.  They are out there you just have to find them.  Let me know if you have a favorite snack or protein bar you recommend.


(I do know munchie creatures are not real but it is more fun to picture my food cravings as creatures that need to be defeated) :o)

2 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things

  1. I get those evil munchies monsters all the time!! Good for you for choosing healthier options! Here in Canada we have Chapman’s full fat sugar free ice cream, in a thousand different flavours! I think I will go buy some 😛


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