Sweat Pea is walking and jogging a little

work out

Day two of starting to jog a little and SWEAT!  Living up to my blog name I guess.  I don’t have a set plan.  I just listen to my body and when I feel it I jog until my breathing gets out of control.  The hardest part to remember is to still maintain a fast walking pace after I stop jogging.  Sort of hard when I am gasping for air, haha.  I am still very much a beginner and my jog stretches are not long but I know I will get better every time I go out.  I do find myself trying extra hard to keep running long enough for the jogger coming from the opposite direction to pass me.  I am not sure what I look like but I try to maintain a stable determined look on my face, rather than oh my goodness I am about to die pushing it this hard look!  I jog probably 10 more seconds after I pass them and then the gasping goldfish look takes over.  I don’t know if they witness this or not but at that stage I am not caring.  Then I walk at a fast pace until I catch my breath and do the same thing and hope I don’t run in to another jogger. :o)

For all of you on a similar journey like mine, don’t give up.  Keep going.  Some days are super hard but stay strong and fight through it.  The reason we put ourselves through this is because it is worth it.  It is worth every pound and inch we lose.  There is no greater feeling than that of saggy jeans because it is time to find a new pair!  You will always have my support.

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