Finally saw 229!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What did Lady Sweat Pea do this weekend?  I finally got below 230!!!!!!!!!!!!!   229.4 and I will take it!  I almost screamed with excitement but everyone in the house was asleep when I weighed.  I went through the weekend and I am 229.6.  I am just happy it still showed 229!

I celebrated and went shopping for new clothes.  I purchased some tank tops which I NEVER wear because I hate how big my arms are.  I am starting to feel more comfortable and I actually felt pretty in them.  No tank top pics though(I am not THAT comfortable), but I did take a mile stone selfie. I have more motivation to work off of after seeing that 229. Now on to the next goal of conquering 225 and 220.  Even typing those numbers has me excited.  I wish everyone success this week and all the motivation you need to accomplish this weeks goals!


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