I can barely handle typing this.  I just worked out my arms and legs to the max.  I know it is not advised to work out both of these areas but I only work out two days a week.  It isn’t like I am doing anything wild this weekend.  My favorite is the leg press.  I love the feel of it.  The second favorite of mine is the bench press.  Today I added a 5 pound weight on each side.  Before I could only lift the bar (it is a 45lb bar). GO ME!  haha.  I do love seeing improvements in the weights even if I can’t see the improvement on my body yet.  I am sure there is a little muscle under my layers.  Weights in themselves are very motivating for me.  I can feel that fit me inside pushing her way to the surface.  I am slowly melting the layers to see that lady again.  I should probably take weekly pictures or something.  Isn’t that what one is supposed to do to keep track of all of that?  Well time to finish enjoying today because I may not move much tomorrow. :o)

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