Weightloss Journey

I am a mom of two.  Those two use to be my main excuses for not losing weight.  Now those two are part of my reason to lose my weight.  I want to be an active mom, not a fat one.

I started out at 260 pounds.  My 7 year old daughter and I were watching biggest loser and it was an episode where they are sent to the doctor and told how unhealthy they are.  She looked over at me and said “Mommy, you are fat too”  I said, “Yes, I am”.  She then informed me that I wasn’t healthy and that she didn’t want me to die.  She said that she would exercise with me so that I can be healthy and not die.  This tugged at my heart.  I was killing myself with my lifestyle.

I would like to say the eye of the tiger song played and I kicked butt and am now healthy and fit but this is a battle for me.  A constant fight at staying on track and keeping my willpower to stay motivated.

I am part way in my journey.  I started Feb 2015.  It is now June 2015 and I weigh 233 pounds.  My progress has been a bit slow but I haven’t given up.

So far, all I have changed is my eating habits and I am walking more.  I say walking because I tried to run and that is just too much weight on my knees and I actually hurt my foot during a “feel good jogging moment”.  I have to avoid those for now.  My foot is much better now but I am keeping it at a walk for now.  I purchased a fitbit HR and I love it.  I also keep track of my food on MyFitnessPal.  These two combined have been the greatest part to being successful.

Starting June 18th I started lifting weights.  There is a gym at my office and I am now taking advantage of it two days a week.  I say two days because I get so sore I can’t do more.  Monday’s and Thursday’s I am in that gym.  I will eventually switch this to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but I will see how all this goes.

I hope to use this blog to keep my motivation.  I want to use this to store recipes, log various exercise adventures, and inspire others to stay on track as well.  If you are going through a similar journey I want to hear about it.  I only get one life, and I want that life to be lived to the fullest.

I walked my first 8 miles.
I walked my first 8 miles.

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