Hello world!

I am starting a weight loss journey.  I hope to inspire others and also be inspired.  This blog of mine will leave me nameless.  For some reason can handle being judged by strangers rather than people I regularly mingle with.  I am married with two children and over the years I have let myself become obese.  Obese, is such an ugly word.  The sound of it shames me.  I do not want to be obese anymore.  I want back the me that was more active and was capable of trying anything.  How am I going to make this change?  Well, so far I am changing my eating habits.  Most importantly I am logging EVERYTHING I eat.  This always keeps me aware and I don’t question a weight gain when I see a piece of cheesecake and an ice cream on my food log!  Also I am walking.  I can’t jog at this point.  My weight would kill my knees leaving me unable to even walk.  So walking it is.  I will walk until enough fat melts off to be able to jog/run.  I will also add some weight lifting.

Feel free to follow along as I go through this difficult journey or share your own with me.

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